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General Electrical Safety Tips

Keeping safe on the job, at play, or in your home is the most important thing. Yet, year after year, there continue to be electrically-related injuries and deaths.

Since there is no national health and safety database in Canada, as the provinces keep separate databases, here are some related electrical safety stats from the US.

  • Workplace fatalities are on the decline as of 2015, but non-fatal injuries have sharply increased
  • The large majority of electrocutions were electrical fatalities, with 60% of them happening in the construction industry in 2015
  • Electrical shock and electrical burns have alternated year to year but the gap is narrowing
general electrical safety tips

How can homeowners stay safe?

  • Be aware of any problems in the electrical system
  • Make sure outlets and extension cords are not overloaded
  • Check electrical cords to make sure they are not frayed or damaged or put under rugs or carpets
  • For light fixtures, make sure the proper wattage light bulbs are used
  • Always follow safety precautions set out by the manufacturer of the light fixture

What should you do with damaged, frayed, cracked electrical cords?

The first thing you should do, in case you don’t get rid of them right away, is label them as damaged or do not use. Next, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Is it safe to place power cords under rugs or furniture?

You should never run power cords under furniture or rugs. As well, if there is an area or path that has a lot of foot traffic, either tape the cords down or remove them completely. Electrical cords can heat up without proper ventilation, which can cause a fire.

Should you nail a cord to a wall?

No, you should never nail or tack an electrical cord to any surface

What should you do if an appliance continues to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker?

If you experience appliances that are consistently blowing fuses or circuit breakers, you should unplug them immediately and either replace them or have them fixed by a professional.

Replacing electrical panels, fuses, and outlets

  • The first thing you should do is call a professional Winnipeg electrician
  • In the case that a fuse blows, turn off all the electrical devices connected to that circuit before changing the fuse
  • Remember to always use a flashlight when working in dark areas
  • Only replace fuses with fuses that have an identical rating

Electricity safety around gas supply

  • Do not touch any electrical switches if you small gas, as it could spark and ignite the gas
  • Only and always use professional, qualified Winnipeg electrical contractors and gas contractors to install, repair, or maintain your home’s infrastructure

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