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Commercial Energy Audits

Save your business money with commercial energy audits

Most of us can assume what a commercial energy audit is just by what the name implies – an audit or evaluation of how effectively your commercial building uses energy.

But what really goes into a commercial energy evaluation; what results can you expect to get from it; and, how do you take that information and use it to save your company money.

What does an energy audit do?

  • Identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Increase value of assets
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Promote environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Increase health and safety

How is an energy audit conducted?

The first step is to an energy audit is to look at the data of how the building is currently performing in terms of energy consumption. The second step is to look at the infrastructure that provides energy and resource consumption. This will help identify financially responsible, sustainable and efficiency energy measures, which will reduce energy usage and carbon emissions.

  1. Hydro bill analysis based on previous data
  2. On-site property survey
  3. Diagnostic testing

Putting the data to work for you

If you go through the process of getting a commercial energy audit done, you should have a plan to follow through on the results, otherwise it’s all for not.

When done right, an energy audit will identify which energy efficiency measures (EEMs) will help your business save money in the short term and the long term.

With the EEMs, you’ll see how the recommended measures should be implemented, what the costs are, and what the payback could be.

Energy efficiency measures that usually pay back within five years include:

  • Retrofit lighting, which includes lamp replacement and de-lamping
  • Installing variable speed drives to pumps and fans
  • Control enhancements, repairs and changes
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Daylight controls

Energy efficiency measures that usually take more than five years to pay back include:

  • Replacing HVAC units with high efficiency models
  • Switch over constant air volume systems to variable air volume
  • Replacing chillers and boilers
  • Rewiring lighting infrastructure and systems
  • Upgrading to Energy Star
Commercial Energy Audits

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