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Holiday Lighting

Looking to win this year's holiday lighting contest?

Every year in Winnipeg, the holiday lighting competitiveness starts ramping up in the middle of November. We all have that one neighbor who loves to go all out with the holiday lights. In some neighborhoods, there are competitions to see which Winnipeg homeowner can outdo his or her neighbors.

If you want to get in the game, John Doerksen Electrical can help you out in terms of hooking up your holiday lighting in a safe way so that you don’t burn your home down.

The more complex your setup, the more dangers there are in something going wrong. So, if you’re looking to unseat the neighborhood holiday lights winner for the last five years, maybe give us a call to make sure you’re doing it safely.

It used to be that our holiday lighting setup included a bunch of string lights wrapped around our the outline of our house, windows, trees, bushes, etc.

But nowadays, we have everything from large immobile structures and inflatables to moving showcases.

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