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Light Dimmers & Timers

What are light dimmers and timers, and why should you consider them

There could be a few reasons why you would want to install light dimmers and timers. For example, maybe you’re single and want to impress your guests with a light dimming feature to set a more romantic mood. Or perhaps, you travel a lot and want to increase the security of your home with light timers.

Not to mention that, since we’re all from Winnipeg, we love to save money. Installing light dimmers and timers will decrease your energy costs.

What kind of timers and dimmers are out there

There’s basically two formats you can choose from.

Wall switch timers:

  • Whether you are indoors or outdoors, motion sensors will detect movement in a room and turn on the lights for a preset period of time.
  • When you got your hands full, such as if you’re carrying a load of laundry into the basement laundry room, you would no longer have to worry about lifting the basket with your two hands, putting your knee up to support the basket, and then using a free hand to turn on the lights. We’ve all done it. And no one ever wants to put the basket down for some reason…
  • Do you have a longer sidewalk outside where there’s a chance of you falling? These are great for avoiding walking in the dark.
  • You can program the switches for various lighting scenarios on different days to give the impression that your home even when you’re not.

Plug-in timers:

  • Plug-in timers give you a sense of ease for turning your lights, appliances or holiday lighting on and off at preset times.
  • You should see a decrease in your electricity bill as well with indoor and outdoor plug-in timers.
  • One thing I’m sure we’re all guilty of is leaving holiday lights on all day. With plug-in timers, you can avoid being “that house“.
  • Don’t like coming home to a dark house? Program the house lights to turn on right before your usual time of walking in the door.
Light Dimmers and Timers

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