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Recessed Lighting

Bring your home to life with recessed lighting

Most interior designers will tell you that nothing exemplifies the characteristics of a home such as well planned out recessed lighting. Before cutting holes, planning a lighting layout is essential, and there are a few things you should consider.

For example, each room will have its own lighting needs. The lighting requirements of a kitchen differ from that of a family room or bedroom. You need to ask yourself, and do your research, if recessed lights will be enough.

Take a look at the room’s dynamics. Will an ambient light suffice or could it be improved with accent lighting or task lighting?

John Doersken Electrical, your trusted Winnipeg electrician, will help you plan out the placement of recessed lighting to have the most effective…effect.

There are three types of recessed lights you can choose from, but know that LED recessed lighting has taken the lead in the marketplace. Not even really a lead, but more like is long gone in the race, while the other two struggle to maintain a pace.

But we’ll list all three here just because:

  1. Recessed incandescent lighting
  2. Recessed CFL lighting ((compact fluorescent lighting)
  3. Recessed LED lighting
recessed lighting

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