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Retrofit Lighting

What exactly is retrofit lighting?

Retrofit lighting is basically an upgrade to your lighting fixtures, such as lamps, which results in an increase in energy efficiency. A lighting retrofit is a project where you should not expect to see substantial savings right away. It’s a long term way investment, which will pay for itself many times over after a few years.

However, there are other short term benefits other than direct financial savings. For example, you’ll see improved light levels, which could create a better work environment for your employees in terms of comfort. If you have a workplace where lighting is crucial to what is being done, such as a manufacturing plant, a lighting retrofit will improve efficiency and quality control. The other main benefit will be less maintenance costs and time.

Before embarking on a lighting retrofit, check with lighting manufacturers and Manitoba Hydro to see if there any rebates.

Should you consider a lighting retrofit

Getting a lighting retrofit should not be an easy decision. It should be a thought out, calculated decision. Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

  • Do you currently not know what lighting is costing your facility or building?
  • Do you want to reduce energy consumption in your business, either for direct financial gain or obliging with environmental certifications?
  • Are you looking to increase the value of your building?
  • Are you looking to reduce operating costs while bettering light quality?
  • Does your company have any green or environmental initiatives or goals that you are trying to reach or maintain?

Benefits of better lighting

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced overhead
  • Better light quality for customers to see products 
  • improved safety
  • increased productivity
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