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Why should I get electrical code updates and corrections

The biggest reason why you should look into electrical code updates and corrections is simply your safety and that of your family in the house. The second reason is to protect your largest asset – your home.

If you’re not the original owner of a house in Winnipeg, there is a chance that somewhere along the line, the original homeowner did some renovations or electrical work. And unfortunately, building codes back then were not what they are today. Not only in the scope of the proper way to do things, but also for accountability.

But apart from the obvious safety issue, any code defect is serious and can hurt you if you want to sell your home. Many home inspection companies will look at what kind of electrical system you have. If it’s outdated or not to code, you could stand to lose thousands on your asking price.

Anytime that a DIY homeowner or non-professional tackles an electrical job, there is a good chance that it won’t be up to code. This is why us electricians are professionals – we have to keep up with the latest code updates. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Non-professional wiring that has not been inspected is often why there are electrical fires, shock risks, and even electrocution.

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