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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans - more than just aesthetics

Ceiling fan installations add more to your home than just a fancy accent. They also provide lighting and can make your home more comfortable.

And, as sometimes they can be located on high ceilings, you should call a professional Winnipeg electrician to install your ceiling fan to avoid such dangers as falling from heights and dealing with electrical wiring.

What are the benefits of ceiling fans

Regardless of the time of year, ceiling fans have multiple benefits.

  • Save energy: Ceiling fans help circulate the air, keeping a more consistent temperature throughout the house, meaning you shouldn’t have one room that is significantly hotter or cooler than the others. In the winter, your furnace produces hot air that rises to the ceiling. When in reverse, ceiling fans will push that hot air down into the areas where its needed.
  • Increases comfort in summer: When it’s finally hot out in Winnipeg, and you don’t want to turn on the AC, a ceiling fan generates a cool breeze, which helps everyone nearby feel cooler.
  • Light up the room: Most ceiling fans will come with lights. Another great way to add the functionality of a ceiling fan and light up the room at the same time.
  • Decoration: Ceiling fans come in all shapes and styles. You can spruce up the aesthetics of a room with a ceiling fan that complements your decor in the kitchen or dining room, etc. Finding the right ceiling fan can also make any room look bigger than it actually is.
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