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Circuit Installation & Updates

Circuit installation and updates - what you need to know

Are you experiencing frequent breaker trips?

When circuits are overloaded, they tend to trip, which means that there are probably too many appliances or other electronics are plugged in and running off the same circuit.

But that might not be the case every time. Your circuit issues might be due to the age or condition of your entire electrical system. On a generous scale, circuits should be inspected every 5 to 10 years. That will ensure that the wiring, circuits and fuses are all working properly.

Ignoring your circuit repairs can possibly lead to a higher risk of electrical fires and possibly broken appliances or other electronics.

What is involved in updating or restoring your circuits?

  • Disassembling the entire panel of the circuit breaker
  • Inspecting all of the parts
  • Testing and cleaning parts
  • Repainting parts that need it to protect against corrosion
  • Connecting metal coating elements to the breaker to make sure there is propoer power flow
  • Any broken elements are replaced with high-quality, durable parts
  • Entire system put back together and tested

Why should you update your circuits?

  • Outlets getting overloaded: Experiencing frequent breaker tripping? Are you using a lot of power strips or extension cords? Are you always thinking about how you wish you had more outlets to plug electronics into?
  • Security systems: In today’s world, we are seeing a consistent rise is video surveillance. More and more people are getting video camera systems to protect assets. For a more robust security system, you’d probably want to connect your control panel to the electrical system.
  • Specialty lighting: Installing recessed lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, track lighting, or mood lighting?
  • Appliances: Keep adding appliances and other electronics and need more outlets? Perhaps you want to add a freezer or another refrigeration system?
  • Extra outdoor electricity: Installing a pool or sauna? Perhaps you’re adding security or landscape lighting? Are you one of those holiday people who need to outdo their neighbor with holiday lights and want a specific outlet for it?
  • Ceiling Fans: Want the fan and the fan light to be separately functional, and turn one off while the other stays on with the flip of a switch?
  • Emergency generator installation: Need continuous power during power outages and blackouts? Install an emergency generator with a dedicated sub-panel.
  • Audio/visual needs: Looking to install TVs or surround sound speakers, projectors, and other audio and visual equipment and need all of them to be powered all at once?
  • Office equipment: Have some intense computing power needs that require high energy output? Growing and need to support more equipment frequently?
  • Garage area or workshop: Have enough spaced out outlets that can handle the power tools you need to plug in? Perhaps you find yourself constantly wasting time plugging in and re-plugging in your tools? Need to make your space more functional?
  • Efficiency upgrades: Installing solar panels, solar water heater or electric charging stations?
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