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How do I know if I need an electrical panel upgrade

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your due for an electrical panel upgrade. Although you may have a fairly new panel (within the last 15 years or so), there are other signs that could indicate it’s time.

Some of these include:

  • Circuits overloading
  • If circuits have doubled-up or even tripled-up
  • If you’ve had new wiring done in the last few years and are not sure it meets code
  • If your insurance company refuses to renew your home insurance policy

A lot of older electrical panels have fuse blocks instead of circuit breakers.

Newer electrical panels are much more convenient and are built to the latest safety standards.Modern panels also come with extra protection built directly into the panel.

Other protective measures that you can install directly into your panel include Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers.

Having surge protection built into what is essentially the base of your home’s operations means that you don’t have to worry about appliances or electrical devices getting fried.


How does an electrical panel upgrade benefit you

  • Minimizes the chance of an electrical fire
  • Gets rid of double-up or tripled-up circuits
  • No more need to use fuses, which also reduces the chance of installing the wrong size fuse
  • Gives you the capacity to add additional circuits in the future
  • Increase your amps with a more powerful 200 amp panel
  • Increase the resale value of your home

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