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Exhaust Fan Installation

Why it's important to have an exhaust fan

Every time you take a hot shower, bath or have other condensation-producing activities in the bathroom, there is a chance for mould to grow if it’s not properly vented.

Additionally, how many times have you gotten out of the shower only to have everything covered in condensation, including the mirrors that you need to see.

It’s so much nicer to be able to get out of the shower and proceed to get your face ready for that Saturday night outing.

You could open a window if you have one, but who wants to open the window to a hot shower when it’s minus forty outside in Winnipeg? Not us.

To make sure you have proper venting from inside the bathroom all the way to the outside, and not losing anything along the way, contact a licensed, professional Winnipeg electrician to install your exhaust fan.

exhaust fan installation

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