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Should I hire a Winnipeg electrician for electrical troubleshooting?

The answer to this question is yes, obviously. But how do you know when to hire a Winnipeg electrician to perform electrical troubleshooting?

For starters, you probably don’t need to hire a Winnipeg electrical contractor unless there are some telltale signs that something in your home or business is not working the way it should.

Troubleshooting electrical infrastructure is not an easy task, and it can be dangerous for Winnipeg homeowners who have no experience in electrical wiring and general know-how.

Hiring a professional electrician is paramount for safety, as opposed to contacting someone who claims to know electricity off a site that advertises everything and anything (although some very good electricians still use those platforms).

electrical troubleshooting

Signs something is going on with your electricity

  • Lights that dim or glint
  • Circuits jumping frequently
  • Frequent force over-burden
  • Discolouring of electrical plugs
  • Sparks from outlets
  • Blazing wires or plastic smell

What are some things you should ask your Winnipeg electrician for troubleshooting

  • What safety measures do they put in place? Troubleshooting wiring and other electrical infrastructure can have serious consequences for the electrician and the homeowner or business owner, as well as any other people present.
  • What experience do they have with electrical troubleshooting? Ask them if they have done troubleshooting in the past and some examples of the results.
  • How long does it take for a Winnipeg electrical contractor to troubleshoot? This is a bit of a loaded question, as there are many variables. For example, if the incident is isolated, it may take less time than if they are having to manually find and isolate the issue. Is there sufficient access to where they have to work?
  • Can they produce proof of being a licensed Winnipeg electrician? What type of license do they have? Do they have an A, B, or C electrical license. ‘A’ may obtain permits for any electrical construction. ‘B’ may obtain permits to install & maintain electrical for premises controlled by the firm named on the license. ‘C’ may obtain permits for low voltage installations only.
  • How much does electrical troubleshooting cost? Every electrician is a bit different. Usually, but not always, a troubleshooting call is billed as an hour of time, maybe two. Hourly rates for Winnipeg electricians vary from $80/hour to $150/hour. Make sure to ask before committing. 

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